Bangladeshi Student Association Kiel shortly known as BSAK (Reg.Nr. …….) is a registered association under the authority of the University Präsidium & International office. It is a group of Bangladeshi students who are enrolled in the universities (CAU, FH, Mutheus Kunsthoschule) of the city of Kiel. It’s a vibrant association of 136 Bangladeshi Students where current Students and former students as Alumni consists. This group is guided by an elected executive Board led by a President as per the university guidelines of association and BSAK organizational structure and guidelines.

The main aim of this association is to increase the mutual bonding among fellow student members and represent their rights of students in various university platforms. Representing Bangladesh in various events of the city or university is also one of the prominent goals of BSAK.

What we do


The community BSAK gives various support to the incoming students starting from picking up from the Airport, get to know the city, help in university admission procedure, etc. We also represent our community in various events of the university. Several cultural programs are arranged by our student community such as annual Bangladeshi Cultural Night, Pahela Boishakh ( 1st day of Bangla New Year), International Mother Language Day celebration, etc. Members of this association also engage themselves in various social activities like indoor games & sports, BBQ parties, etc.


Kiel is a port city on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast and the capital of Schleswig Holstein. This north city of Germany has an incredibly unique and fresh atmosphere. Seagulls fly above a brisk breeze blows fresh sea air into the town. A panorama view, openness, real weather, and the sea in the middle of the city, and the taste of salt in the wind which can clear your mind. Kiel is a bike-friendly city. The bike is the first preference and a great way to discover this distinctive city. Ferries, cruise, buses, and ships bring distant places right up close.

Kiel has all kinds of facilities and advantages of a large city and it still remains manageable. The universities which are situated in this city have their own campuses. This makes student life a bit easier because the students do not need to travel long distances. Kiel offers many possibilities to start a career. Compare to the other cities in Germany this town has affordable property prices. Schleswig Holstein is where the happiest people in Germany live and Kiel is the cultural heart of this region. Every year at the end of June this city arranges the world’s largest sailing event.